Online Texas LTC Course w/ Exam -

$ 49.99

Learn the lessons at your own pace! Listen to professionally recorded audio while watching an easy to

read PowerPoint presentation of the material. There are 4 state-required modules:

- Laws that relate to Carrying a Handgun, and the Use of Force and Deadly Force

- Handgun Use and Safety

- Situational Awareness and Non-violent Dispute Resolution

- Proper Storage Practices for Handguns

Take your 25 multiple-choice exam online after completing all four lessons, with up to 3 opportunities allowed to pass! Once you pass your exam, you will be issued a form LTC-101, signed by your online instructor, indicating that you are now ready to proceed to your Proficiency Demonstration at a gun range. You will need to find a certified LTC instructor near you to administer the Proficiency Demonstration.

Online Texas LTC Course w/ Exam & Proficiency Demonstration at Local Gun Range (Local clients only) - $ 99.99

Local clients have the option save money and have their Proficiency Demonstration administered by their online LTC instructor at a local gun range.

See the STR8-SHOT Course Schedule for when the upcoming Proficiency Demonstrations are scheduled in order to register.

Non-local clients will take their signed form LTC-101 to a LTC certified instructor near where they live. Requires 100 new factory rounds.

Online Texas LTC Course w/ Exam, 1 Hour of Shooting & Proficiency Demonstration at Local Gun Range (Local clients only) - $ 209.99

The state-required LTC course is all about learning the law and showing you can pass the Shooting Demonstration. It does not include any instruction on how to properly shoot a handgun. If needed, local clients have the option to save even more money and have their online LTC instructor provide an hour of Shooting Instruction just prior to their Proficiency Demonstration.

You will learn proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, stance and breathing. You will shoot several drills at 3 yards, 7 yards and 15 yards to give you the confidence needed to successfully pass your Proficiency Demonstration, which also requires shooting at these distances. Requires 200 new factory rounds.


*Local clients include those in and around Rockwall County. 

Or test drive the online LTC course with a quick demo: Click Here.